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Connecting Wallet

Before using Stayking, users need to have supported wallet. If you are already a Cosmonauts you may already know this step so step to Tutorial part.
Stayking protocol supports Cosmos governance coins such as ATOM or EVMOS. There are various wallets that supports Cosmos ecosystem and Stayking team are working to expand to let users use wallets in diverse. Currently Keplr wallet is supported in Stayking.

Keplr Wallet

The Keplr wallet is officially supported on Chrome browser extension.
Keplr is a non-custodial blockchain wallets for webpages that allow users to interact with blockchain applications.
For further information about Keplr wallet, go through their website to get more informations.

Setup Keplr wallet

In Keplr wallet, there are several ways to create a new account.
  • Create account with a mnemonic seed phrase
  • Sign in with Google account
  • Importing existing account

Creating a new account with Seed phrase

  • When you install Keplr wallet, you will find a pop-up window. Choose 'Create New Account'
  • Choose to have a 24 words of seed/mnemonic phrase *Never ever share your seed phrase to anyone and keep it in safe place
  • Enter a name for your account (ex: Cosmonauts)
  • To confirm your new account, click on the words in right order so you know what your account is, and press Register.
  • In order to log-in Keplr, you need to set up a password. set a strong one and click Confirm.

Create a new account with Google login

  • Click 'Sign in with Google'
  • Enter the email/phone number with your Google account and password.
  • Set-up your strong password and click .

Import an Account with a Seed Phrase

  • If you have used Keplr wallet before, click to import your existing account.
  • If you have used other wallets such as Cosmostation or Leap wallet, click 'Import existing account' and enter your seed phrase in appropriate slot.
  • Set-up your password and click Confirm.
Normally, the derivation path shoud be m/44'/...'/0/0/0 , but if you find your address displayed is different, please check the path ends. You can find more in Keplr FAQ
Connect to Stayking APP
Once you signed to Keplr extension, you can connect the wallet with Stayking network. Click Allow to start amplifing your assets!