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Liquidation occurs when the percentage of borrowed assets exceeds 75%.
Returns the number of tokens borrowed from the lender, minus the service fee, to the position creator. -> TotalPosition- (TotalBorrowing + PerformanceFee) = ReturnToken

Tactics to control Liquidation Threshold

Adding Collateral

  • When Staker's position is at risk of liquidation, but the Staker wishes to keep his Staking Position, he may add more collateral to reduce the Debt Ratio.

Adding Leverage

  • When the Equity Value has risen compared to the Debt Value, and the Debt Ratio has dropped accordingly, Staker may borrow more assets and add Leverage to his position. This way, Staker can expect higher profit from Leveraged Position.
  • Please note that by borrowing more assets (increasing Leverage), Stakers earn more Token but also have to pay more interest (But still, the profit would be much higher).
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