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Exchange Rate

Staked Token Exchnage (stToken)

In the Stayking Protocol, a staker can be divided into two cases: a staker who borrows when staking and a staker who does not borrow.
In this case of not lending, i.e., AutoCompounding with only your own assets with a leverage multiplier of x1.0, the staking exchange token, stToken, is sent to the user's wallet by multiplying the value of the Exchange Rate currently managed by HostZone by the staking quantity.
The amount of stTokens transferred will increase over time through the ExchangeRate, and the user can refer to the "Staking APY" section of the expected return table for the expected return.

Lended Token Exchange (ibToken)

  • When a user stakes assets, ibTokens are sent to the user's wallet as a proof of lending, just as stTokens are given as a proof of Staking. It will be calculated and paid out as Token : ibToken according to the exchange rate managed by the Lending Pool.
  • The advantage of a stayking lending pool is that you can withdraw at any time using the ibTokens you've been granted, and any unused assets can be quickly liquidated.
  • Lenders receive interest that accumulates block by block, depending on the duration of the deposit. In addition, when you withdraw, you will receive a larger amount of tokens based on the exchange rate of ibToken, which is higher than when you deposited.