🔒How to Stake?

It is a service that allows users to delegate their own dPoS-based NativeToken to a validator and earn a share of the block verification reward.

When you stake tokens, the service issues stTokens as proof of staked amount (Genesis at a 1:1 ratio).

For a secure investment environment, stToken is only used as a certificate for the staked balance.

After the unbonding period, you will receive your staked amount and interest for native tokens based on your 'stToken'.

# Check Balance & Transfer to Stayking wallet

  • Enter the quantity of assets to stake.

  • When the staking process starts, assets are transferred from the associated Kepler wallet to the Stayking wallet.

# Delegation of Transferred assets & Verification of Minted St Assets

  • When you stake the assets sent to the service wallet, stToken assets will be issued.

  • stTokens are initially issued at a 1:1 ratio. See Exchange Rate for a detailed explanation of stTokens.

You can find more information here.

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